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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lisa Aerin Collett

Lisa Aerin Collett

Art, to me is an experiment of old and new and how to make them work together, a fusion of materials that create an illusion that makes the creation mysterious. The process is just as important as the subject, and how they converse together is where the magic lies.

While working toward more complex themes and metaphors, the simplicity of nature has always captivated my attention. While discovering what the possibilities and limitations are of the process I am experimenting with right now, I enjoy painting simple figures from nature such as birds, buffalo, and butterflies, symbols of the human soul that are just as unique, and mysterious.


2013 BFA painting/drawing, University of Utah College of Art, Salt Lake City, Utah

professional experience

2013 Curator/Facilitator of The University of Utah BFA exhibit
2012 Drawing Facilitator for The Leonardo during their Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit
2012 Creator/Curator of “Escalating Density” Portraits of John Erickson exhibit
2011 Featured Artist Facilitator for The Leonardo
2010-2011 President: The Painting and Drawing Student Association (PDSA), University of Utah, College of Fine Art, Department of Art and Art History
2010-2011 Coordinator/Facilitator of the figure drawing sessions for the PDSA
2005-2006 Art Tutor- Brigham Young University-Idaho


2013 Second Place painting and drawing University of Utah BFA exhibit
2012 First Place Williams Fine Art University of Utah Student Show
2011-2012 Florence Ware Scholarship
2011 Best of Show University of Utah Alternative exhibit
2011 Faculty Choice Award University of Utah Student Show

Working with packaging tape, has been challenging and exhilarating. Every painting can be different and new while still maintaining a similar look. The layers that are involved are or are not planned out and have different materials or unique layers in each painting. As I search for a way to build each layer in a minimalistic way I want to allow the other layers to play their part in the creation, pulling together the illusion without flattening out the image. It is simple yet complex and allows ugly things to become beautiful.

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