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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Luis Frutos

Luis Frutos

1947Born in Madrid, Spain.
1965-1971Studied Economy in the Madrid University.
1972-1978Studied drawing and painting at "Circulo Bellas Artes" Madrid.
1978-1980Worked in the Studio of master José García Herranz.
1982-1983Studied eching in Leon University.

Works in Altea (Alicante) Spain and Norwich (Norfolk) U.K. where he spends few months every year.

Has been showing for over twenty five years and received good recognition. Is represented in public and private collections of several countries: U.S.A., U.K., France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Germany and Spain.


The painting of Luis Frutos is the consequence of the harmony or distancing between these four factors:
Plastic expression, sensual expression, emotion and intuition, rechannelled by essentially rational procedures.
From here procedes his orden and coherence and with these priorities he controls the dilatoriness and refinement of the material, rich with textures and thick glazes which he uses with such efficiency.

Luis Frutos is firmly established in the Spanish tradition. Using an evocative Mediterranean palette and a dramatic sense of composition Frutos produces stylish canvases provoking constant echoes of the best spanishs painters

'Evocative, colourful, mysterious' are all adjectives which go some way towards describing the paintings of Luis Frutos.
He begins by covering the plain white surface with layer upon layer of rich and deep colour – allowing it to dry thoroughly before using sandpaper to clean and buff the meticulously prepared area.
The final touches to every painting include several applications of transparent glaze and carefully selected varnish.

An often-quoted truism is that an artist observes while most people just look, but Frutos invites the viewer to join him in his exploration of reality and imagination.
He believes that everyone must use his or her own feelings and emotions to arrive at an opinion about his work and that posing questions which make one look and think is the job of the artist.
In these vibrant and sometimes disturbing paintings, Frutos does just that.

Can you imagine how I feel when people see my work and loved it?

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