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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Paolo Troilo

Paolo Troilo -  Finger paintings

Born in Taranto in 1972 from Antonio and Lucia Troilo. Lives and works in Milan. From 1997 till 2009 he worked for several international advertising agencies, such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Arnold Worldwide, as Art Director first, then as Creative Director. He won the most prestigious international awards in the industry, and in 2007 he was nominated best Italian creative together with Alessandro Sabini. Self-taught artist. He started drawing by pencil at the age of 4, and never stopped since. In April 2005 he started his career as professional artist, and as a result of this long, unconscious stage of preparation towards a future change, he then starts painting with his fingers. Now we see him dipping his fingertips into jars of acrylic, black and ivory, and spreading color, definitely abandoning the "tools of the art". On April 21st 2010, in the city of Palermo, together with Brio, they become the proud parents of Antonio. His best piece of art.

Nasce a Taranto nel 1972. Vive e lavora a Milano.
Dal 1997 al 2009 ha lavorato come creativo pubblicitario in Saatchi&Saatchi prima e in Arnold Worldwide Italy (direttore creativo) poi. Si è aggiudicato tutti i più prestigiosi riconoscimenti del settore (Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Clio Award).
Nel 2007 è stato Grand Prix all’Art-Director’s Club. Dipinge dal 2005.

Paolo Troilo Vs. SCUBA from paolo troilo on Vimeo.

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