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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Colin Staples

Colin Staples

Colin Staples Biography

For Colin Staples "Art" and the world of "Visual Imagery" has always been a vital driving force within his life. It is where he instinctually connects with the beauty and character of each subject he puts on canvas, and the place where he discovers the moment where the visual journey begins with the train of thought in mind …

“I let go and watch the work create itself”

Although Colin’s love for art has existed since his early childhood years, and has continued to develop throughout his adult life Colin professes, “the concepts behind my art have been largely influenced by years of studying martial arts and it‘s philosophy of "shedding the ego“. Colin feels his best work is expressed through this approach, which has created a solid sense of intimacy and trust with the process and the subjects he paints.

Colin’s work is primarily portrait and figure in acrylics, which resonates a genuine feel of freshness through the continuous strokes and mixing of new colors. His paintings are on a large scale where Colin’s objective is to paint to the surface of the canvas while retaining the quality of the soul he sees before him. He states “although there is a lot of pre-planning that has to take place prior to the actual painting of the subject … and most of it goes out the window. However, it is at that very place where my ego moves out of the way and allows the image to create itself“.

“my work is completed within the one sitting to capture the soul and life essence of the subject. I find when I allow my soul the freedom to paint another’s soul ~ those are my best works and that of true" LifeArt “.

So after many years of painting Colin continues to feel a passion and calling toward abstraction with the focus on maintaining the essence and integrity of the soul before him. It is also where these elements stand as a testament to his love and respect for art, the incredible process and the next visual journey that awaits him.


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