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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Darrell Driver

Darrell Driver

Darrell is proud to say that he is a self-taught artist. He creates through very late nights determined to fulfill his passion for art.

  "I try to draw/paint, everyday... when I begin I have no post production in mind, i like to begin creating with a solid foundation of color and basic shapes then build upon that, I’m inspired by all the different things i notice everyday, my 3 children are a huge inspiration, I paint to get an excited reaction from them. My sweet wife Amber is highly influential on my work because she has a hard eye to please....

My Artistic goal is to have the observer excited to see my pieces and put them in a happy mood

  2010 is the first year i have decided to show my work, I’m a rather fast painter and have 5-10 works in progress at any given time, it allows my mind to stay fresh on a new canvas, and time for the paint to dry... I enjoy painting on both small and large scales, I have painted larger than life Murals as well as a 4”x6” canvas"

Darrell Driver

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