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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Jeannie Vodden

Jeannie Vodden

Jeannie Vodden lives in the foothills of the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Her charming cottage studio is located on the Jackson Creek right off Highway 88 in Jackson, Ca. This is where she dedicates her time to expressing her love and passion for art in painting, drawing, teaching and continuing study of art and philosophy.

Jeannie, whose media is most often watercolor, is a versatile painter of portraits, still life, floral, landscape and fantasy.

Artist Statement:

Forms and textures:
I love painting the complex textures, forms and patterns found in nature. The scales of a reptile, the random branches of a nest, the tousled hair of a young child, a dried leaf, are some of my favorites. It’s fun to compare and contrast man-made textures. A few I’ve attempted are: a crocheted scarf, the floral print in the folds of a woman’s dress, a glass vase. And when I add beautiful, natural light it changes the whole look and feel of each surface and pattern, overlaying complexity and changing form.


Teaching and Demoing:
Through numerous watercolor demonstrations, classes and workshops, I have been able to share my work and experience with others: artist’s groups, schools, county and state fairs, community organizations.. and, it is always a delight for me, and, I hope, for those I teach as well.

I have been very fortunate to have studied with Sacramento artist, Gary Pruner, whose marvelous teaching grounded me in my craft, and whose passion for art inspired me. It is largely due to Gary’s encouragement that I am a full time painter and teacher. I am thankful for his generosity and support.

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