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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Oscar Solis

Oscar Solis

About Artist:
A Long time ago, somebody asked me why I was so dedicated to painting. This is a question that has been remained in my mind for a long time. Why do I dedicate myself to world of art? Before I come forward with a simple answer, I would like to share my roots and the upbringing moments that captured my life into the world of colors and a brush. In School when there was a competition of drawings, I was the only one to take the first prize. Then, the emptiness I felt could only get fulfilled every time I found myself doing a painting. I suppose or rather, I should say that I realized all of this when I was eight years old. I remember it was during that period of my life when I started resonating what I was to be when I grew up; I used to say, I will be a painter, an artist. Within myself, there was no other existence in life but the one of becoming a painter, it was clear to me all of the time, I do not know if this decision was because there was no other resolution for me, or it was because destiny had planted in me the seed of art at an early age. Finally I started to study by myself and at the age of 18 years old I got a Job as a Painter Art Professor in the “Casa de la Cultura” of Morelia Michoacan. Today, I do know that the responsibility of a painter is the search of beauty. It is the doubt and persistence to name the ineffable; the unknown expression within us that must float to the surface and become attached to the canvas. This is the endeavor I have as a painter; to say things without speaking, but just using my art to speak. It fulfills me and brings me peace and this is the reason why I am a painter and dedicate my life to colors and expressions. My hands are glued to the paintbrush. Nowadays, for me, to make a painting, to be working on a canvass letting my imagination flow with the rhythm of colors confirms that I had made the right decision of my life to become the painter.. For me, now, the representation of being a painter, the meaning of making a painting is a lifestyle choice; it is also a trade and a language where everything is inhabited by silence. In The expression of realism, there exists something that goes beyond the evidence of an open dialog, something as if there is communication to an open story that invites one to hold our eyes toward it as a response to that silent communication the painter leaves in the canvas as an open invitation. This is precisely what my endeavor is as an artist: To invite everyone to hold a silent conversation through my paintings. I like to make the observer dream or fall into deep thoughts full of colors. My response to those who have asked me why I have dedicated myself to being a painter is: In the daily routine of my life, that is the small contribution I can make to the world. My name is Oscar Solis Marin and I am a painter by trade."


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Anonymous said...

I suppose the first indian painting is a portrait of the Cheyenne Chief 'Wolf Robe'.
this portrait is superb ! great bravo for your painting.


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