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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Patricia Boyd

Patricia Boyd

Patricia Boyd took a trip to Africa that transformed her life. While there she saw how the people lived in joy without the material-ness of American society. She noticed that they used every bit of anything they had. Nothing goes to waste. She listened to their stories, and when she returned home, she knew she had to share what she experienced through her art, the way she knew she could express these inspirations the best.

She grew up creative in a creative family. Her grandfather built houses, and he always added his own artistic twists. She didn’t realize till she was older how significant that was in a world where houses tend to be cookie cutter boxes repeated over and over. Her grandfather inspired her to make everything special, unique and beautiful. Patricia loved to make jewelry, but he parents convinced her that she couldn’t make a living making jewelry, so when someone said, “You’re a nice person, why don’t you be a nurse,” that’s what she did, but her creative passion was always there.

Her trip to Africa refreshed her creative urges and inspired her to use that burning talent she has to create gourds that would reflect the hearts of the people she saw there. She saw that in Africa, people don’t through anything away. There were no trash trucks or big dumps and recycling centers. The people just used and reused everything. For Patricia, this translated to her using the parts of gourds that other gourd artists throw away. She developed an amazing way to create vibrant, passionate faces using egg gourds and paper clay. The faces silently express the thoughts of the person they represent almost telepathically. Her vibrant use of color and texture bring their stories to life.

Of her future, she’d love to have her work in the Smithsonian and the Getty, and she deserves to be there. But more importantly to her, she would love for the people of Africa to see her work and how she brings their stories to the world.

I have included below pictures of some of the gourds she has already sold. Seeing the gourds in this work is a challenge since these lovely sculptures take on a life of their own.

“I see gourds like individual fingerprints. As earth’s original vessels, each grows in its own unique form.
I want my work to tell a story and speak to your heart. . . .
"I see a potential in almost every gourd because there is so much you can do as you allow your imagination to be free.”

Patricia Boyd

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