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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Alessandra Gasparini

Alessandra Gasparini

Born in Genoa, February 1964

As she was attending the High School for Foreign Languages, she apprenticed to Adriano DeLaurentis's studio for five years, four times a week. She attended nude, figure and posture courses at the artist's studio in Chiavari. Once finished the language school and the five years at the workshop, in summer 1984, she attended the nude and posture course run by the engraver and painter Giovanni Job in Sestri Levante at the art league C.A.L.A. Fieschi.
Gasparini's background dealt with the sternness of the drawing, the reproduction of the formal and aesthetic reality, the obsessed and obsessing practise of the accuracy, and in accordance with the latter, when in 1985 she entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara she attended the course of abstract paining run by the painter Giorgio Ulivi. Her choice, which seemed rather risky and daring, turned out to be happy and successful.
The teacher and painter Giorgio Ulivi always kept track of her with extreme curiosity and generosity. They shared a profound reciprocal respect.
During the course, Gasparini got into touch with what she still was missing: the colour matter, the broad and roughly laid painting of the background, the instinctive fastness, the scratched and plundered canvas, the red, coarse and rich material delivered by the spatula, the dance in front of the canvas.
In those four years she was granted a scholarship to go to work at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich.
In 1988, she was selected by the Academic Board to represent
the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, painting section at the sixth edition of the National Exhibition of Contemporary Arts in Bari.
In the same year she took part in the live-from-day-to-day exhibition "La Calandriniana", a yearly art rendezvous in the town of Sarzana.
In that occasion the then chancellor for culture of Sarzana Municipality asked Gasparini to set up a personal display of her works in the exhibition space of the town hall.


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