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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Cecilia Fernández - Ceci Fernandez Quintana

Cecilia Fernández - Ceci Fernandez Quintana

Nacida: 1965 - Santiago de Chile
1982-85 Licensed in Plastic Arts, Mencion in Scultpture. University of Chile.
1986.96 Working independently designing and painting childrens furniture for interior decorators.
1992.94 Workshop Javier Stichkin -Drawing
1994.96 Workshop Juan Ibarra, oil painting focusing on color.
1997-98 Workshop Francisco Gonzales oil painting studying the techniques of the great masters, specially focused on Velasquez.
1999 Workshop Ocre Created by Francisco Gonzalez, focusing as a center of aestetic reflection , history of art, philosophy and human figure, integrating them artistically,.
2000 Workshop CarmenSilva-Intensive workshop -,human drawing.
2002-03 Workshop on Literature “Vanguardias Latinoamericanas”
2003 Workshop Literature Cristian Warken “ The Beauty of Thinking”
2004 Workshop Literature Cristian Warken “The Beaty of Thinking II

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