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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Elberto Pinto Pabon

Elberto Pinto Pábon

Curriculum - Bucaramanga, Colombia "... It is gratifying to find that talent and sensitivity are imposed when there is no game studies academics but from personal research and constant experimentation, as in the case of Elberto Pinto in the proposal, the meaning is the result of feeling that arises from the observation of the gestures of human comportment, which reveals just intentions, emotions and desires. Elberto up their space with people squeamish of naive grace and installs They flirty and female figures adorned with evocative slang or dreamers picarezca, enhanced by a personal color vibrant, fantastic, handled with remarkable purity technique. For all this, Elberto Pinto gets his expressionist touches us and hold the gaze pleased. "

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