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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Felipe Achondo

Felipe Achondo  - Felipe Achondo Moya

Felipe Achondo was born in 1982, Santiago, Chile.

​This site is a documentation of the successful artist's career. In his early works we see a theme with special emphasis on urban interiors. Despite the absence of characters, his essence is immersed in their habitat; their world where identity develops and eventually becomes such, that his image as corporeal concept is superfluous and syntax of the soul is submerged and is reveal around subtle and poetic form. As time evolves, Felipe moved into a theme that invites us to reflect on the most intimate affairs of the individual through a dramatic role of his characters.

He is currently working on the series "SNAPSHOTS" that will be presented in April 2013, and , participating in several joint projects with different artists from various fields. "The need to explore and collaborate with different artists has allowed me to have a deeper and broader perspective on the arts, as well as enrich my vision to manifested certain common themes but see it from other angles"

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