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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Halim Celiker - Halim Çeliker

Halim Celiker - Halim Çeliker

1961 He was born in Balıkesir

1980 He graduated from Savaştepe Teacher Lycee

1985 He graduated from the Painting Department of The Faculty of Fine Arts of the Mimar Sinan University,workshop of Adnan Coker

1986 He worked in Summer Academy of Salzburg Austurıa with Prof. Reimund Girke

1987 He became a research assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts of The Anatolian University

1992 He had his doctorate in creative arts from The Mimar Sinan University

1997 He has started to work and he teaches currently at The Faculty of Fine Arts of The Marmara University

He opened 24 personal exhibitions.He partıcıpated in more than 70 mix exhibitions.He took 6 prizes.His paintings are in some private collections and museums.

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