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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Heriberto Cogollo

 Heriberto Cogollo

Heriberto CUADRADO COGOLLO was born in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) on September 29th – 1945.


1961 - Studies at the Cartagena de Indias Academy of Fine



1963 – He realizes many portraits during this period and

becomes a member of the group « Los 15 ».

1964 – He is awarded a grant for Europe.


1965 – Takes residence in Madrid (Spain). Follows as an auditor

the art classes at the San Fernando School.

1966 – Moves to Paris (France).

1970 – While collaborating with the French editor Georges Visat,

he makes friends with the famous surrealist painter

Roberto Matta who suggests that he chooses his

mother’s name – COGOLLO – to sign his paintings.

During this same period he is befriended by the poet

José Pierre who later on, in 1973, will write the preface

of his first catalogue.

1973 – His first individual exhibition The World of a Nohor is put

on by the Parisian art gallery Suzanne Visat. Two

important encounters mark this event, the first being the

start of a long friendly collaboration with two more poets

Ted Joans and Joyce Mansour. The second being the

meeting with the French publisher/collector Daniel


1975 – In parallel to his painter activities, he begins his long

and successful illustrator career, under his father’s

name – CUADRADO – collaborating mainly with Lui and

Playboy, both monthly magazines published by


1977 – Release of a boxed set limited edition entitled Cogollo

Caniculaire, consisting of a series of lithographs along

with poems by Ted Joans and Joyce Mansour.


1988 – During these years, Cogollo’s illustrations spread from

magazines like Pilote (several signed front covers) to

weekly’s – Expansion, Le Nouvel Observateur – and on to

working for well known editors such as Gallimard, Albin

Michel. He also lends his brush to the world of cinema,

music and non-profit organizations making posters for :

Aïnama – Salsa pour Goldman (a documentary directed

by Franck Cassenti), the 1983 European Tour of Fela

and the Amnesty International ad campaign of the same

year… just to name a few.


2008 – He is a founder member of the group Magie-Image, a

collection of artists, the majority being of Latin-

American origin. During all these years, the group will

put on exhibitions in various museums in France, Spain,

USA and Guatemala.


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