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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Kateryna Kosianenko - Катерина Косьяненко

Kateryna Kosianenko - Катерина Косьяненко - Catherine Kosyanenko

KATERYNA KOSIANENKO – Ukrainian artist, painter.

1978 – was born in 1978 in Kyiv.

1996 - graduated from T. Shevchenko State School of arts.

1999 – participant of all-Ukrainian.

2002 – graduated from National academy of fine arts and architecture. Studied at the theatre scenery department under the guidance of renowned stage artist Danilo Lider.

2003 – participan tinternational art exhibitions.

2005 – Kateryna had an internship with NAFAA assisting at the pictorial master class of prof. Vasil Gurin, people’s artist of Ukraine.

Holds MA degree in painting.

2002 – member of National artists’ union of Ukraine since.

2009 – internship in Cite internationale Des arts (Paris).

2011 – internship in the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts named J. Matejko.

Painting, theater and cinema.

11 personal exhibitions of painting.
Grant of the Ministry of Culture “GAUDE POLONIA”, Republic Poland, 2011.
5th Prize in painting (5 Premio Pittura Lorenzo di Magnifico) and medal “Lorenzo de Medici” VII Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy, 2009,
Silver medal, Ukrainian Academy of Arts, 2006.
President of Ukraine grant for gifted youth, 2004.
Kyiv Mayor Scholarship, 2004.
President of Ukraine scholarship, 2004.
1st prize in painting of the Salone d’Autumne ( 1-er PRIX de PENTURE des Amis du SALONE D’AUTOMNE) , Paris, France, 2003.
Committee on family and youth diploma, Kyiv, 2003.
Diploma from Chief department on culture and arts of Kyiv city administration, Kyiv, 2002.
Laureate of the M. Dmytrenko contest ( III Prize) , NAFAA, Kyiv, 2000.
Laureate of the M. Dmytrenko contest ( III Prize), NAFAA, Kyiv, 1999.

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