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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Suzanne Falk

Suzanne Falk - Suzanne Meow Meow Falk

"Before I was old enough to read or really have any kind of real life experience to help me understand what I was looking at I would pour over books and imagine what the images meant. Sometimes I had a vague memory of the story being read to me or being explained but then, as now I enjoyed getting lost in the story of my own creation more. I remember becoming old enough to go back to books by Charles Addams and laughing at what they really meant and remembering my own innocent and curious explanations, this really is the foundation of most of my work. I use objects and images that are subliminally vocal and familiar to me and that are capable of telling a story I can not quite put into words. Overall I strive for each piece to carry on and evolve into new stories outside of the ones I have in mind. I am inspired by things like how the Victorians used flowers to send messages of immortal love, innocence, warnings, and submission as well something more sublime and magical. I believe in seeking out things that are just below the surface; the psychic language, the use of symbols, objects, and feelings as words." 

Suzanne Falk


01 10 -Juried into the Oil Painters of America
04 10 -7th ave. Streetscape Project Winner
03 08 -Az Commission of the Arts - Career Development Grant
10 06 -Scholarship Award from the Scottsdale Artists' School - study under Larry Charles


Scottsdale Artists School - AZ 2009 - Present

"Suzanne Falk is a self-taught artist who says that she "doesn't know how to paint", but acknowledges heavy artistic influences in her life, including her mother, well-known landscape painter Joni Falk, and other painters, such as Kristin Calbrese, Kenny Scharf, and the golden book illustrators such as Elloise Wilken, and Garth Williams.

The alternate universe that this Valley native creates is a play on conflicting themes from the innocence of childhood to the biting reality of adulthood. She uses vintage items such as toys, storybooks and containers to create seemingly sweet and nostalgic still life scenes that are reminiscent of a knick knack shelf in a pre-teens' room. Closer examination reveals and edge: nails, scissors and matches sometimes make an appearance to create a little unexpected tension. This tension isn't unlike that awkward limbo like stage in the life of young girls and boys. Falk, who is in her 30's, is like many women of her generation and was influenced by Judy Blume, famous for relating the trails and tribulations of growing up through fiction. Falks stories and coping strategies are perhaps a little like Blume, just conveyed in a different medium with a few more sharp objects."

- Michelle Dock ~ Tempe Center of the Arts, AZ

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