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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Carlotta Castelnovi

Carlotta Castelnovi

"I live in Genoa, our house looks like a ship that pushes its way through the houses, and from my window I can see the harbor: a coming and going of houses ! Genoa is “my” city, every view is a dream like world! It’s from the window of my house that I wait for the evening, looking for inspiration, digging into an unknown something until the framework is completed.
I travel with the wind thinking about an object, a meeting, a song, a film, a written sentence….and here a picture reaches my mind: here it is, I think. ”This is it”.
I get satisfaction out of the most simple things even if I realize that they are the most difficult to achieve!
Living with two scorpios is not so easy: Fausto, the companion of my life is my rare tree; small Adele is ten months and she is teaching me to live courageously!
To live with two scorpios you must have two feet on the lawn and the head in the clouds and in this sport I am quite good!" ...

"I attended a high school dedicated to the arts. Following this, I attended a University for architecture. Attending University gave me the knowledge and confidence necessary to embark on my own adventure. I fled to Barcelona, which started a very important chapter of my life. While living in Barcelona, I met and encountered numerous other artists and illustrators who helped me realize that it was possible to make a living doing something I love, and am deeply passionate about." ...

Carlotta Castelnovi

Artiste-peintre, j'aime à représenter des choses toutes simples... comme moi.
J'utilise la peinture à l'huile, la peinture acrylique, les pastels...
1978: je pointe le bout de mon nez

Pendant les autres années, il se passe plein de trucs: je vais à l'école, à la fac, j'ai des amoureux, j'apprends à peindre, j'habite à Asti et je découvre que le vin c'est bon, je rencontre mon arbre de vie Fausto, je suis heureuse et Adèle, ma petite fille, pointe elle aussi le bout de son nez, je suis encore plus heureuse...

2013: je crée ma page FB... ça mérite de figurer dans une bio, ça, non?

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