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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Dimitris Tzamouranis - ΤΖΑΜΟΥΡΑΝΗΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ

Dimitris Tzamouranis  -  ΤΖΑΜΟΥΡΑΝΗΣ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ

1967 born in Kalamata, Greece

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

" ...One of the most significant artists of the Greek diaspora, Dimitris Tzamouranis has been living and working in Berlin since 1990 having exhibited repeatedly in museums and galleries worldwide. One of the principal representatives of the movement in favor of a dynamic return to figurative painting, Tzamouranis seems divided between a lyrical photorealism and a coloristic expressionism.
Based on allegory and metaphor, his epic compositions are known for their multitude of figures and the meticulous depiction of space, material and objects reminiscent of a theater stages in which a tumultuous narrative takes place in front of the beholder urging him to interpret situations and incidents seemingly familiar though, in essence, they all interconnect through an air of mysticism and intense intellectual quest.
Although the origins of his visual universe undeniably lie in here and now, he often gets his inspiration from ancient Greek mythology, history and the religions, thus resulting in the development of a unique personal style characterized by a refined eclecticism and true erudition rejecting superficial mimicry and the fruitless repetition of motives. In essence, Dimitris Tzamouranis seeks to redefine the basic principles of figurative painting through his advanced compositions envelopping them with a new, more contemporary content; moreover, he attempts to reflect the special emotional charge of his heroes, the thoughts and motives behind their actions.
Finally, in Tzamouranis’ paintings the psychological impetus of his figures is revealed through the way motion is described or, on the contrary, suppressed. The play between motion and inertia is one of the principal traits of his pictorial universe, thus assisting to the interpretation of the characters’ psychology as well as the discharge of their ambivalence.

Dimitris Tzamouranis from werk.statt on Vimeo.


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