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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

K Rigoulis - COSTAS TSIGRIS - RIGOULA - Κ.Ρηγούλης - Κώστας Ρηγούλης

K Rigoulis - COSTAS TSIGRIS - RIGOULA - Κ.Ρηγούλης - Κώστας Ρηγούλης

Kostas Rigoula - Tsigris born at Megara 1954. Began his studies at the Mathematics Department of the University of Athens but his love for the painting turned in other directions.

He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, the teachers and D.Mitaras P.Tetsis. In the early years of paintings dealt with almost all issues but mainly landscapes with scenes inspired by ancient sculptures and compositions where the dominant element was the human figure with realistic display.

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