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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Nadja Jovanovic

Nadja Jovanovic

29-year old Serbian -born visual artist, graduated from the Faculty of the Fine Arts / Belgrade. Member of ULUS- Association of Visual Artists of Serbia.
Currently lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.

The subject matter of my work is based on exploring aspects of existence. The presence of the individual in a moment and time, and self projection of realty. I am interested in transformational characters of mental image. Epicenter of my work is the person, isolated from society framed in constant questioning of reality, in constant dualism of conscious and unconscious, closed in personal perception. I’m interested in the process itself, of creating an illusion. Pictures are for me the manifestation of that illusion.


Graduated painting on Faculty Of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

Christian Develter

Christian Develter

Christian Develter was born in 1968 in Blankenberge, West Flanders , Belgium but resides and works in Asia since the nineties.

“Develter’s sense of the beautiful and the individual strength and spirit of his protagonists with his close-up narrative is developed through careful consideration of line, lighting and geometry as well as his perspicacious awareness of the power of color to reveal that which is behind the surface of each character. At the heart of these works is a search not just for physical beauty but also for something of the spirit that embraces and motivates each one in our era of hyper celebrity.”


1968 Born in Blankenberge, Belgium
1990 Institute of Fine Arts, St Lucas, Gent, Belgium
1993 Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium
1996 Independent Artist, Living in Bangkok
2005 Finalist Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong China
2010 Opening Warp Studio 54, Bangkok Thailand

Thomas Donaldson

Thomas Donaldson

Thomas is an English painter based in Asia. His visceral works utilize the human figure/head juxtaposed with abstract mark making. This is achieved through the application of thick impasto paint, dragging and smudging the surface plus the occasional intervention of the ‘happy accident’ or chance. All these elements contribute in the process of making or building a painting.

This abstract quality is further emphasized by deliberate close cropping of his subject. The works also acknowledge certain aspects of the existentialist premise that one cannot fully know or experience the reality of another person, and that this separateness underlies our daily consciousness, hence the cropping and fragmented surface facilitates a way as to express this experience , as only a part of the subject is revealed.

Although the works are representational and figurative they intend to suggest, rather than depict an accurate observation of his subject. This is more apparent as the viewer approaches the work, the painted surface dissolves into a seemingly unorganized arrangement of blotches and irregular textures.


2009-present Lecturer in Multi media at Asian University, Chonburi, Thailand
2006-2009 Academic Director, Raffle Design Institute, Bangkok, Thailand

- Newcastle University, UK - MFA 1998-2000
- Bradford & Ilkley College of Art, UK - BA(Hons) Fine Art 1994-1997


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