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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Sharon Maczko

Sharon Maczko

It's strange how a seemingly insignificant experience as a youngster made such a lasting impression on me that it affected the way I create.

There was a beautiful mansion built around the turn of the century near the neighborhood I lived in as a child in Michigan; consequently, as years passed, the empty house and surrounding acreage were eventually donated to a church. The church left the doors to the mansion unlocked, and my sister and I would let ourselves in to walk quietly in awe of the many abandoned rooms; void of any furniture and deathly silent in their faded, but still grandiose, splendor.

Helped along by the fog of memory, those rooms have taken on a dream-like quality in my adult life, and for years those memories have inspired me to create interior scenes in my studio that I reproduce into paintings. Painting interior scenes morphed into painting somewhat traditional still lifes, but they still possess the hushed stillness of those rooms.


sjman said...

happy to stumble onto this exhibt of Sharon's work which we have enjoyed very much for several years, and one piece hangs on our wall. I look fonfdly at it every day. Great site.

jerry mandel

J(a)-(z)z said...

Thanks for your nice comment Jerry. I'm glad that you like it :)


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