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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Christiaan Lieverse

Christiaan Lieverse

''1971, born in Utrecht, NL, lives and works in the Netherlands

The red thread running through Lieverse’s figurative work has always been man and psyche. His paintings seek to captivate viewers and raise questions, while at the same time permitting individual interpretations. Basically, these are psychological portraits. Many canvases place the viewer in the role of an almost voyeuristic observer. However, these pieces can also be perceived as confrontational, as they place the viewer in an active role, and create a “silent” dialogue between viewer and painted figure. By only painting a vague backdrop or omitting it altogether, the margins of the linen are not the margins of the story.

Lieverse works with a range of models he photographs in his studio, but he also gets his ideas from newspapers, magazines, travel and things he encounters on the street. By compiling his accumulated images, he develops ideas for new works.

In the series “Dutch girls” he gives us portraits of young, contemporary Dutch women, whose self-assurance and strength is clearly palpable, in part because the images have been magnified.

Lieverse issues a “limited edition” of many of his originals. This consists of a graphic reproduction of the original in an edition of 25, which are then hand painted by Lieverse with acrylics and oil paint and signed.

As well as figurative work, Lieverse also creates abstract paintings. These pieces tend to be inspired by the inanimate, man-made world, which is broken down by nature and time. By blowing up details, Lieverse renders the element of “time” more tangible. In other abstract works the emphasis is primarily on repetition and rhythm. Thanks to the rough and ready application of various materials, which contributes to their dynamic quality, viewers almost experience these canvases as objects. Composition and the use of sober colours are crucial to the tranquillity and simplicity he strives for.''

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