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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Paul Richard James

Paul Richard James

1966 Wales U.K.
Emigrated to Canada in 1973. Paul has exhibited largely in Toronto.

I work on several bodies of work at one time and each body of work is as important as any other. My work is at the same time, both traditional and radical in style and content. I am interested in the bridge between the digital and the organic. My "Lilly" series investigates the relationship between the pixel and the brushstroke through large oil paintings that mimick digital imagery. The "Seduction" series focuses upon the female gaze in the fashion industry, combining female models and a painterly surface. My working process includes the use of digital imagery as source material and the digital process to "heighten" the synthetic nature of the painted surface. I make work that is both gallery based and "street" based. My "painted cutout" series as well as the "art plus tax" series are highly political in nature and are installed in site specific environments. Recently, I have begun to combine digital imagery and encaustic to push this relationship between the organic and inorganic even further

1992 -Michael John Angel Academy of Classical Realism, Toronto
B.Ed.Faculty of Education, Queens University, Kingston,
B.A.University of Guelph, Guelph,
A.O.C.A.Associate of the Ontario College of Art, Toronto


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