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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Tiina Ojaste

Tiina Ojaste

Paints and Brushes are my King and Queen, creating their own Kingdom. For them, each experience brings new learning, each development and change, new lessons as well.

I put into my paintings the fantasies which come to me, and being ineffable, am I able to catch them all before they flit away again? These quickly caught flickers are moments of thought and feeling in moments of time. And being thus caught, what feelings have these moments in their turn, when their catchers are colours, brushes and canvas? Certainly some of them whisper, “Hold on, hold on to me just a bit longer!”

The destinations I visit in my paintings are illuminated by my emotions. This luminosity conveys feelings, moods and thoughts. It is a light into which are melded memories, nostalgia, and the interwoven background of dream places from a wondrous fairyland. My paintings distance me from the everyday and enable me to float through fantasyland, in pursuit of treasure which will be mine to share…

In our world, light and colour surround us, and they are inside us as well. And it is into my paintings that I pleat these slivers of light and colour.
The world has always revealed itself to me through painting – through kingdom of colours, light, and shade – always somewhat differently and with novel insights.

„To merely look at Tiina Ojaste’s paintings is inadequate because one needs to step into the frame. Her paintings are so deep and multi-layered that, on the emotional level, the first and the second response differ greatly from each other. "

Merle Adams, Rohelise Jõemaa koostöökogu juhataja

"Tiina’s paintings can lead the way to a kingdom which has magic and is richly rewarding."

Tiiu Adamek, Canada

Born in  Pärnu - Estonia - 1961
Sündisin Pärnu linnas 1961.a

1969 -1977 Pärnu 1 Keskkool

1970-1977 Pärnu 1 Keskkooli kunstiklass
1977-1981 Tartu Kunstikool
(diplom naha kunstilise kujundamise erialal)

Peale kooli lõpetamist elasin Tartus ja töötasin
paarkümmend aastat erinevates firmades
ettevõtja ja kunstnikuna.

Maailm on minule alati avanenud ja avaneb pilte maalides -
läbi värvide, valguse, varjude - alati natuke erinevalt
ja huvitavalt uutmoodi.

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