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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Lars Elling

Lars Elling

Lars Elling (b. 1966) was educated at The National Academy of the Arts, Bergen. Elling works with tempera on canvas as his media of communication. Elling is a story teller. His layers of imagery evoke memories of childhood, with the possible disturbance and trauma written between the lines. Family is the repetitive theme in Elling’s works; familiar moments infiltrated by surprising or unpleasant elements. The formalistic aspect of Lars Elling’s paintings is characterized by the erased and the broken. The pure visual expression has a meaningful function, where story and poetry are strong fundamentals. The paintings can be seen as a burst of memory, a description of a moment, where the almost experienced or almost seen is presented in a dreamlike and poetic expression.

Elling’s works is included in the collections of the Norwegian National Gallery, Trondheim Museum of Art, the EU Commission, and Arts Council Norway, as well as being represented in many private collections in Norway and abroad.

Lars Elling has been with Galleri Brandstrup since 2003

Born 1966 in Oslo, Norway
Resides and works in Oslo, Norway

1988–93 Statens Høgskole for Kunsthåndverk og Design, Bergen.
1995–2000 Portrettegner i Dagsavisen.

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