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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Konstantin Slepuhin - константин слепухин

Konstantin Slepuhin - константин слепухин

Born at Dmitrov in Moscow region in 1975 year. Nowadays he lives and works in Dmitrov. Graduated from Dmitrovskaya painting school in 1992 year. Graduated from Abramzevskiy art-industrial college named by V.M. Vasnezov. Since 1998 he is a free-lance. During this period his works had been showed and are showed in different private art-galleries and art-salons of Moscow. Also the artworks are situated in private collections of painting-lovers in Russia and in a lot of other countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Holland, USA and Korea. A number of artworks were bought by famous large-scale commercial banks of Russia and also are decorated offices of some firms.

Several words about creative work.

Creative work is a real freedom for me, possibility to go away from vanity of vanities. You had noticed, of course, how swiftly the time goes. Creative work slows down its running. As a result, you have got a possibility to enjoy with the definite moment in your life. Every man has got the moment that kept in his mind for all life. And he will remember it, the only unrepeatable moment, even at the last days of his life. This one is what I wanted to announce to anyone about. But how I had managed with it, you should decide yourself

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