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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Elena Khmeleva - Елена Хмелева

Elena Khmeleva -  Елена Хмелева

Elena Khmeleva was born in 1966 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In 1986 she entered the Saint-Petersburg State Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture named after I. Repin, Department of Painting. Elena was in class of great Russian professor Vetrogonsky and, as far as her faculty for painting was obvious for teachers, she got a permission to attend special Academy courses, where the main subject was the Academic Painting and special features of Social Realism. Still Elena herself is keen on Impressionism and at ease paints in any tradition, she can be called a heiress of the traditions of Masters of Soviet Union.

In 1992 Elena studied for a year the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and participated in 8 exhibitions in different parts of Germany. In 1994 she graduated the Saint-Petersburg Academy with excellent diploma and yet decided to continue her education at Academy in the Creative Workshop. There she polished her skills till 1999.

Since 1994 every year Elena’s personal and union exhibitions are held all over Europe: England, France, Belgium. In 1998-2000 she painted few series of illustrations for two English Publishing Houses.

Elena is a member of the Union of Russian Artists.

During few last years she spends most of time in France, but her home is still in Saint-Petersburg.

Elena’s works can be found in the collections of the Academy of Fine Arts ( St. Petersburg ), Museum of History of Saint-Petersburg, Bridgeman Art Library, Union of Russian Artists, Adult and Community College (Richmond, USA), “N.B” Gallery (France).
Also her paintings and graphics are in private collections in USA, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, France, Finland.

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