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Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides

Georgi Yordanov - Георги Йорданов

Georgi Yordanov

"Geori Yordanov was born in 1960, in the town of Shumen. He is the son of the artist from Varna Yordan Yordanov. Georgi has worked as a scene-painter in Varna Drama Theater and in Varna Opera in the Golden Sands Management. He has also worked as a teacher in Arts in the Russian School and other schools in Varna. Georgi Yordanov has implemented so far 23 individual exhibitions in Bulgaria and England. He is also laureate of the following prizes: First Prize for the Art of Painting of the International Biennale in Gabrovo; 1995 – Award of the Delfina Studios Trust for one year artistic sojourn in the studio in London; 2008 – Award for the Art of Painting of the IV-th Competition Exhibition of “Allianz Bulgaria”, 2008 – “Silver Vazrazhdane” Award of Vazrazhdane Gallery."



1995 Gabrovo International Biannual Festival of Humour-First Prize

1995 London Delfina Studio Trust. One year residency

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